Learn skills like Muscle ups, Front/Back Levers, Handstands, Human Flags and many more

Mobility & Flexibility

Healthy joints means better performace. Move better, feel better

Climbing Specific Training

Specific Training to enhance your climbing performance

Weight Loss & Body composition

Achieve the body you have always wanted and build strong habits for life


1-2-1 Personal Training

Face to face training in the gym or outdoors. All sessions are 1 hour long and include a tailored plan and nutrition guidance when required

Day in, day out..keep bettering your kno

              Sports Massage

Recovery is the most important part of your training. We get stronger when we rest! Regular sports massage sessions keep you in good form, ready for the next training block.

Some days are simply meant for playing a

Online Training

  • Initial online consultation and assessment. You might be asked to film some assessment videos

  • 4 weeks of custom programming

  • E-mail and text access  to check in for any questions, form check, progress videos to receive feedback throughout the 4 week period

  • Access to online platform / phone app for exercise videos etc.

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Virtual Training and Classes

Virtual 1-2-1 Training sessions and Group Classes. Train without leaving your home!

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