Been training with Kat since October 2019. Best trainer I’ve trained under by far. Kat is very flexible in terms of hours and has catered the training program to my needs. She has great interpersonal skills. Exactly what I’ve been looking for, focusing on the skills and flexibility I want to achieve and doing it with a fine touch of mentoring. Workouts are always changed to keep me challenged and excited for the next session. Love her work!


Kat started coaching me march 2020. I told her my goal and she made me a plan for 3 times a weeks. Each week I also have a one on one session with her via zoom. This whole experience has made me stronger not only physically but mentally too. Kat is excellent at directing me to specific exercises that will eventually lead me to my goal. I love how she knows exactly the areas to target with each exercise to fit into my goal. Kat is such a good observer as she knows when I'm not performing how I normally do she will know exactly where I am going wrong and makes a plan on how to get back on track. She is so knowledgeable that it truly amazes me and how she shares her knowledge with me. I always feel so prelivaged. Not only has she made me alot stronger but she has also made me more flexible with her streching sessions. I would not no what I would do without her guidance. I feel truly humbled by each session I have because she listens. She will adapt my plan to suit that particular moment so I can carry on without feeling I cant do it. One of the most enthusiastic PT I have ever met who has nothing but passion for teaching and learning. Simply the Best


I have trained with Kat for approximately two years and these are the aspects I value most: 1. Smart and goal focused: with Kat's input I achieved goals in a matter of months that I'd failed to get for years on my own, and I'm now making steady progress to new goals I never thought I'd be able to reach. Kat's programs are varied and tackle plateaus and obstacles effectively. 2. Tailored to my ability: the workouts and programs set by Kat are always challenging, but always attainable so no burnout, no demotivation and no injury. 3. Holistic and educational: Kat's programs cover strength, mobility, and technique. She takes the time to explain why an exercise is relevant, what the benefits are, and how it fits with achieving my goals. 4. Always fun and positive: Kat is friendly and teaches by encouragement. I finish our sessions happy and energised. In summary, Kat knows what she is doing and delivers training in a fun, friendly and professional way that is made to measure for her client. I recommend her unreservedly.


I have been training with Kateriina virtually for 5 months and it has been a very productive and fun way to get stronger for me. It has been flexible and  easy to fit into my weekly schedule. My aim was to be able to do bridge, push-ups and other seemingly simple movements that no longer were easy.  I had back and hip pain as when starting I had given birth to my second child 7 months ago. I no longer have those problems and I am stronger than I hoped for. The workouts are fitted to what equipment I have at home, how much time I have and what I am able to do. It is easy to follow the videos in the app and send back videos of my progress. Exercises have not been complicated, most of the time they actually look like very easy movements, but are surprisingly effective when thinking of training load. Feedback from Kateriina has been very attentive, fast, easy to follow and always helps a lot. Workouts through video calls are always super motivating, versatile, fun, interesting and we work through exercises that are complicated for me. I definitely have more tools and knowledge how to incorporate exercises into my day and most importantly do it knowingly correctly. Thank you for everything! 


I have enjoyed training with Kat for the last two years. Kat’s approach is excellent, and she provides a good balance between motivating me with my fitness goals and pushing me to challenge myself (even if sometimes believe it’s not possible). 

Kat is friendly, approachable, enthusiastic and focuses on ensuring that technique is always correct. I enjoy working with Kat because she explains each exercise thoroughly to ensure that I do not injure myself and helps to address my concerns. Kat’s knowledge of health and fitness is impressive, and I am learning more about myself and my body each time.

Our sessions have significantly impacted my life in a positive manner, as I feel more confident, and they have helped to improve my overall wellbeing and improvements in general fitness.  I would highly recommend Kat as a personal trainer.  She has supported me in meeting and exceeding my goals.