I am a Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Therapist. I am based in London for my 1-2-1 sessions and operate online to help the clients I can't meet on a regular basis or who prefer to train at home 

I have been involved in sports and lived an active lifestyle my whole life. I have also fallen out with sport and exercise for many years due to a bad injury. There for I know how hard it is to start (or re-start) a fitness journey and how difficult it is to form the habits at the beginning. I have been there thinking "It is not possible", but what I found out through my entire journey is that everything is out there for everyone. 

My goal with my clients is simple: I truly like you to see how extraordinary you are and what each and every one of you is able to achieve. My clients know I put my heart and soul into keeping you on track and accountable so we can reach the targets you have set. 

Training isn't easy. Achieving the goals will not come quickly and without sacrifice .

This road is hard, but we will make it fun and enjoyable :)